Steve Arndt

Oregon Ghost Towns A to Z - Volume 3

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Do you know that Oregon has more than 250 ghost towns – the most of any state in the country? In Oregon Ghost Towns A-Z Volume 3, Steve Arndt, author of the series Roads Less Traveled, adds a new perspective to the definition of ghost town and describes almost fifty communities that conform to accepted classification criteria.

In this collection, beginning with Arock and ending with Zion from the Oregon Coast to Hells Canyon and from the Columbia River to the California border – learn about communities that lie is the shadow of their former vitality and glory. In these pages, explorers are led to numerous historic sites and structures that remain today – from those that have been restored or revived to dilapidated buildings, rubble piles, stone ruins, storefronts, and towns with few or no inhabitants.

ISBN: 978-0-9969294-1-7